How To Untag Yourself On Instagram

Do you wonder why Instagram has become one of the core parts of businesses? It is because Instagram serves as a great tool to make your Instagram profile more visible and accomplish greater engagement among their target audiences. There are various features available on Instagram to boost your reach among a wide variety of people. 

One of the best features to gain the attention of a particular user is by using  the tag feature. Have you ever been notified of getting tagged in others’ posts without your knowledge? No worries! You can easily get rid of it by understanding how to untag yourself on Instagram by reading out the below article:

Who Can Tag You On Instagram?

Providing access to tag you on Instagram posts depends on your privacy settings. Instagram offers the opportunity for users to choose followers who can tag or mention them on their posts under the privacy settings. Get through the following steps to limit your tags on Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines available at the top right corner.
  3. Then choose the Settings option.
  4. Under Privacy, move on to Tags first and then Mentions.
  5. Choose the following to limit your tags on the above two sections: ‘People You Follow’ or ‘No One.’

Note: On the Tag section, there is an additional option called ‘Manually Approve Tags’ where the tagged posts appear on your profile only when you approve them.

How To Untag Yourself On Instagram?

Most of us fail to find the option and look out for ways to know how to untag yourself on Instagram.

Are you ready to remove the unwanted tags on Instagram? Let’s get started!

Since Instagram allows people to tag images, videos, and comments, the users need to follow the steps accordingly.

How To Remove Tag On Instagram Comment?

Most of your friends or followers mention you in Instagram comments to enhance their reach. Moreover, Instagram reels remain a greater tool of engagement where more people show interest in commenting on those shorter videos. But some users will decide to untag them. More than finding and tagging potential followers, it would be ideal to get people to comment on your Instagram reels to make it more popular.  Reels, being a short- video format and lots of users competing to create content on reels, you should put in a lot of focus to gain engagement on reels. Taking the above method into account is good because some people may harass you when tagging them constantly. 

Here are the two ways to remove their tags on the comments of others’ posts:

  1. Once the audiences mention you in their comments section, the only way to remove tags on Instagram comments is to request the specific person to delete your mention.
  2. If you continuously get tags on Instagram and can’t stop them, choose report or block. But remember, blocking people will restrict you from seeing any of their content.

How To Remove Tag On Instagram Photo?

Removing tags on Instagram photos is much easier than untagging on Instagram comments. Knowing how to untag yourself on Instagram can be done without the help of the person who tagged you.

Are you ready to remove tag on Instagram photos? Let us find out the easy steps below:

  1. Move on to the Notification section in your Activity section.
  2. Choose the post that you are tagged in.
  3. Click the image to find your tag, or tap the three dots at the top-right corner if there are many tags on the image.
  4. Then select the Tag options.
  5. From the available options, choose ‘Remove me from post’ and click Confirm.

As a result, your account will be removed from the tagged post. 

How To Hide Tags On Instagram?

Instead of untagging yourself on Instagram, you may also hide tags on Instagram. Several features are rolling out regularly. One of the interesting features is to hide your profile from tagged posts.

Are you wondering how to hide tags on Instagram? Get through the below tips to achieve the above feature:

  1. Go to the activity section of your profile by clicking the heart symbol at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Choose the tagged post on which you want to hide.
  3. Tap the three dots and choose Tag options.
  4. From the available choice, choose ‘Hide From My Profile.’

Therefore, your profile gets hidden on the particular post that you are tagged in.


Regular tracking of the Activity section on your profile helps to find the actions of your followers on your account. Make your decision to use your profile by enabling or disabling the tag options. Finding how to untag yourself on Instagram helps audiences to have control of sharing your profile by using the tag feature.