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How High-Speed Training increased open email rates by more than 50%.

High-Speed Training (HST) is a company that has been in business. Since 2008 and offered compliance and career advancement training.

HST’s resource center, The Hub, offers free material on various topics. That includes food safety, safeguarding, health and safety, and business. To keep everyone on track and motivated, it used this as a primary point for its digital communications.

When we created instructions and templates and downloadable materials for students to use in conjunction with their studies, we saw an increase in visitors to The Hub from about 500,000 to 1 million per month.

What’s wrong?

The organization is expanding to fulfill the growing demand in the education provider sector. New clients are routinely using HST services, but there has been a major emphasis on maintaining ties. With existing customers to keep them on track with their studies.

With a vast database of students and a wide range of products. The company quickly realized that no two people needed the same course content. And that it needed to meet their varying demands in real-time. This necessitated the use of personalized digital material. To keep individuals engaged and motivated in their studies.

The answer is:

Following these first interactions, it became evident that HST wanted more information about Force24’s marketing automation technology. And how it might be used to better serve its current clients.

Adam Oldfield, the CEO of the organization, has been a standout feature throughout the project. He walked the team through the brand’s advanced marketing automation system. Offering them a personalized tour that covered all the bases.

The outcome:

The Force24 platform has helped HST launch several successful initiatives. Incredibly popular, its ‘welcome travels’ achieved:

Both campaigns had a 60% open rate or above.

Click-through rates of 10%-15%

Customers are getting more involved with the product.

The team must tailor and offers fresh, relevant material to its online learners to support its continuing commercial success.

Several automated trips have been sent out to recipients, all of which have had a click-through rate of more than 10%. These metrics continue to outperform their sector counterparts and rise month to month.

These are some of the more notable outcomes:

Targeting action in September 2020 generated open rates of 41% and click-through rates of 8% (very good).

Finding out what students think about an online course’s content by having them complete a quick survey

HST plans to incorporate more data into the platform and provide more dynamic content to take our personalization skills to the next level.

It was a pleasure working with the team at Force24 to create email snippets. Templates that were both on-brand and useful for their clients. According to High-Speed Training marketing campaign manager Shauna Mullins. In addition, because the platform is so user-friendly, we’ve swiftly honed the skills of our employees to confidently produce personalized content that stays.

To keep track of the most engaged students, landing pages and microsites have been designed that have strong calls to action and data-capture capabilities.

“The end-to-end marketing automation process is simplified with Force24. So far, we’re thrilled with the results, and we’re able to deliver information that people. Want to consume it because it’s personalized to their current learning requirements. When it comes to retaining current pupils, the alternatives are virtually limitless.

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