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How To Make Your Instagram Reels Stand Out And Get More Comments In 2023?

How To Make Your Instagram Reels Stand Out And Get More Comments


Welcome to the future of Instagram reels! As we enter 2023, the competition on Instagram has reached an all-time high, making it more challenging for content creators and businesses to stand out. But fear not, as we will show you how to take your Reels game up a notch and make your Instagram stand out today. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting with reels, these tips will give you the edge you need to get noticed in 2023 and beyond. 

How To Make Your Reels Stand Out And Gain More Comments?

If you’re looking to make your Instagram Reels stand out and get more comments, you can do a few things. 

Choosing The Right Music

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question – it all depends on the style and tone of your Reels. We’ve compiled some tips to help you choose the right music for your Instagram Reels.

If you’re looking for background music that will add a bit of energy and excitement to your Reel, try choosing a track with a fast tempo and an upbeat mood. Pop, hip-hop, and EDM are all suitable genres to explore.

If you want your Reel to have a more mellow or introspective vibe, look for tracks with a slower tempo and a reflective mood. Genres like R&B, jazz, and classical music can be great choices here.

You can also use silence as a powerful tool in your Reels – sometimes, no music can create just the right atmosphere. Experiment with different options and see what works best for the particular Reel you’re creating.

Add Visual Effects

There’s no doubt that Instagram Reels is one of the hottest new features on the app. And if you’re looking to make your Reels stand out and get more comments, then you need to add some visual effects!

There are a few different ways to add visual effects to your Reels. You can use Instagram’s built-in editing tools or download a third-party app like Inshot or Quik.

If you’re using Instagram’s built-in editor, there are a few different ways to add visual effects:

  1. You can add filters by tapping the “Effects” button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You can add text or stickers by tapping the “Text” or “Stickers” buttons.
  3. You can add music by tapping the “Music” button.

If you’re using a third-party app like Inshot or Quik, you’ll have even more options for adding visual effects. These apps usually have a wide range of filters, texts, stickers, and music tracks that you can use to make your Reels stand out. So experiment with different combinations until you find something that looks great!

Collaborate With Other Social Media Influencers

If you want to get more comments on your Instagram Reels, one strategy is to collaborate with other social media influencers. This can be done by tagging them in your posts or contacting them directly to see if they want to do a joint Reel.

When you collaborate with other influencers, ensuring your content is complementary is essential. 

For example, if you’re both fashion bloggers, you could do a Reel where you show each other’s outfits and give your opinions. Or, if you’re both travel bloggers, you could do a Reel of your favorite places to visit in each other’s cities.

No matter what type of content you create, the important thing is that you work together to create something creative and original that will engage your combined audience. By collaborating with other social media influencers, you can get more comments on your Reels, expand your reach on Instagram, and grow your following.

Storytelling With Videos

Videos are a great way to stand out on Instagram and get more comments. Storytelling with videos can be a powerful tool for businesses to draw in new customers on Instagram and engage followers. When used correctly, videos can help build a brand’s story and share its message. Here are some tips for storytelling with videos on Instagram:

1. Outline Your Story

Before creating any video, determine what story you want to tell. What is the core message that you want to convey? What emotions do you want viewers to experience? Once you have an idea of what story you want to tell, it will be easier to create content around it.

2. Keep It Short And Sweet

People typically don’t have a long attention span when scrolling through their Instagram feed. Keep your videos as concise as possible while still telling your story effectively.

3. Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to get creative and use fun visuals or animations in your videos rather than just talking heads or text on the screen. This can make your content more engaging and memorable for viewers!

4. Ask For Comments

At the end of your video, ask viewers to leave their thoughts in the comments section. This will encourage engagement and get people talking about your brand.


In conclusion, creating Instagram Reels that stand out and attract more comments can be a great way to build your following in 2023. With the right combination of creativity, quality content, and strategic planning, you’ll undoubtedly impact the platform and generate more engagement with your videos. 

If you’re looking to boost engagement on your Reels, asking for comments at the end of each video is a great way to encourage interaction. However, if you’re struggling to get the engagement you desire, buying cheap Reel comments for Instagram

can be an effective solution. This can help increase your visibility and credibility on the platform, leading to more organic engagement over time. 

Of course, it’s important to choose a trustworthy provider who can deliver high-quality comments that are relevant to your content. With the right approach and a little bit of help, you can take your Reels to the next level and grow your brand online.

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